How to Check Your TRCN Result Online (in 5 Steps)

Have you done TRCN EXAM and would like to check your result to see if you passed or not?

In this guide,

You will see how to check your TRCN result online, what next to do after checking and solutions to RESULT NOT FOUND or INCORRECT PQE NUMBER.

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Take note.

See how to check your TRCN result online

  1. Visit the official TRCN website

Click on

  1. Click on the MENU button, that three-lines at the top right corner of the website.

The Menu will be displayed with the list of options as seen below.

  1. In the Menu, click on CHECK PQE RESULTS.

The result checking portal will be displayed as seen below.

How to check your TRCN result
  1. Click on the box and enter your PQE number.
  2. After entering your PQE number, click on CHECK MY RESULT.

…and your result will be displayed for you to see like this.

TRCN result

What next?

The PASSED status means that you passed the exam, and the next step is to COLLECT YOUR TRCN CERTIFICATE and license.

But if it shows RESULT NOT FOUND or INCORRECT PQE NUMBER, see why and how to resolve it.


If your screen displays this error message above instead of your TRCN result, it could mean…

  • Reason 1: You entered your PQE number wrongly.
  • Reason 2: Your result is yet to be uploaded.
  • Reason 3: You failed the exam.

We will advise you to visit the TRCN result checking portal again and re-enter your PQE number but this time…

  • Do NOT leave any space before, within, or after your PQE number.
  • Do NOT type any of the Zeros as letter “O”.

If it still displays the same error message after taking the above precautions, then wait for a week or two and check again.

It could be REASON TWO (that your result was not released earlier).

But if the error message remains the same after a week or two, then it is unfortunately REASON THREE.

You can choose to either give up on the exam or retake it for the last time with our detailed guide.


Do you have something to ask on how to check your TRCN result online? Comment below and a staff or fellow ACADite will reply you.

5 responses to “How to Check Your TRCN Result Online (in 5 Steps)”

  1. Odunuga babatunde akinwunmi avatar
    Odunuga babatunde akinwunmi

    I can’t get my trcn certificates, I registered in the year 2008, and up till now I don’t get my certificate, I have been to all their offices in lagos, when I check on their websites, it show that my certificate is ready, with a registration number,.

    1. ACADite Staff avatar

      Hello Sir,
      What did they say when you visited their office in Lagos?

  2. Ifeoma Anthonia avatar
    Ifeoma Anthonia

    Good afternoon sir/madam
    Please I wrote TRCN in 2019 but I went to my school to check certificate but unfortunately it was not found.
    They told me to fill a form of a missing certificate.
    What could be the problem?

  3. Ebadin Rose avatar
    Ebadin Rose

    Dear Sir,

    I want to inquire if it is possible to register a teacher who is currently abroad for Teachers Registration Certificate.
    I anticipate your prompt response.


    1. ACADite Staff avatar

      Yes, Ma
      It is possible.

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