7 Ways To Gain Admission Without JAMB

Do you know that it is possible for you to secure University admission without JAMB in Nigeria and abroad?

In this guide,

You will see confirmed methods on how to gain admission without JAMB UTME into 200 Level of your course in any University and all you need to know before applying.

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Take note.

These are not illegal means of admission but legit alternatives recognized officially by both Federal and State institutions.

How to gain admission without JAMB UTME

Going for any of these JAMB alternatives does not guarantee automatic admission.

You still have to meet their respective requirements depending on your school and the programme.

1. Go for IJMB programme

IJMB — Interim Joint Matriculation Board is a 9-month A’Level programme.

After successful application, you will resume lectures in any IJMB study centre nationwide and sit for their final exam at the end of the programme.

Passing that final exam gets you an A’Level certificate that you can use to apply for Direct Entry admission without JAMB.

IJMB certificate is valid for life and currently accepted for admission by over 80% of Federal, State and Private Universities in Nigeria.

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Ensure to confirm that your preferred school is among the Universities that accept IJMB before applying for this programme.

2. Go for JUPEB programme

JUPEB — Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board is another federal government approved A’Level programme.

You only need O’Level result to apply for JUPEB and resume their lectures for 8–12 months.

At the end of the programme, you will sit for their final exam that you must pass to get the JUPEB result which can then be used for direct admission without JAMB in many Nigerian Universities.

JUPEB result expires after 3 years.

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Ensure to confirm that your school of choice is among the Universities that accept JUPEB before applying for this programme.

3. Go for Pre-Degree programme

COSTOver ₦250,000

Pre-Degree is another one year academic programme that you can use to gain admission without JAMB in Nigeria.

It is also called Prelim, Remedial or Foundations programme and runs for 8–12 months with lectures taken in the same University you registered in.

Only your O’Level is required to apply for Pre-Degree and once you pass their final exam, your admission is almost certain.


Pre-Degree result qualifies you for 100 Level (not 200L) admission and this admission can only be in the same University that you did the programme in.

The result expires after 1 year.

Check with your preferred school to confirm that they offer Pre-Degree programme and other details.

4. Go for Diploma programme

COSTOver ₦500,000

Diploma is a 2-year academic programme whose certificate can even be used to seek for job.

After your application, lectures will resume for the 1st year then an exam which you must pass to be promoted from DIP 1 to DIP 2.

The final exam comes up at the end of DIP 2 lectures which you must pass to get your certificate.

Diploma certificate is valid for life and always accepted for admission without JAMB in that same University you did it in.

Some Universities accept Diploma certificate gotten from other Universities but not so often.

Confirm that your school does.

5. Go for Part-Time programme

Another legit way to gain admission without JAMB is through Part-Time, Sandwich or Distance Learning programme.


Part-Time is a complete Degree programme but with lectures only on weekends and therefore an extended duration of 1—2 years longer that the Full-Time version.

It was originally created for the working-class who only have time to spare on weekends but now, anyone can apply.

Upon successful completion of a Part-Time programme,

You will receive a Bachelor’s degree certificate, the same with what those who gained admission with JAMB will receive when they graduate too.

Whether gotten from Part-Time or Full-Time, Bachelor’s degree certificate does not expire.

Check with your school to confirm their Part-Time, Sandwich or Distance Learning programme and how to apply.

6. Apply to study in NOUN

NOUN — National Open University of Nigeria is a Federal University mainly for those who wish to work and learn at the same time.

You only need your O’Level to apply for 100 Level admission without JAMB and A’Level or professional certificate for 200 Level admission.

NOUN programmes require no physical lectures as you will be given all your course materials in PDF, audio or video format to download online and study anytime.

Their semester exam holds at any NOUN study centre and upon graduation, you will receive the same Bachelor’s degree as those who gained admission with JAMB.

NOUN certificate is valid for life and well recognised in Nigeria.


Though NOUN does not require JAMB for admission, it requires other results like O’Level and so on.

Ensure that you have the correct direct entry requirement or O’Level combination for your course in NOUN before applying.

7. Apply to study abroad

Your last resort on how to gain admission without JAMB is to apply to study in Universities outside Nigeria.

Since JAMB is only recognised in Nigeria, schools abroad will always consider you for admission without JAMB provided your O’Level, A’Level or professional certificate is available.

You will also have to meet their admission requirements for foreign students.


Schools abroad can be expensive due to the exchange rate of Naira to foreign currencies.

But if you have a wealthy sponsor, Universities in America or Europe are often the better choice.


Do you have something to ask on these ways to gain admission without JAMB? Comment below and a staff or fellow ACADite will reply you.

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