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There will be two papers, Papers 1 and 2 both of which shall be taken as a composite paper at one sitting. 

PAPER 1: will consist of forty multiple-choice objective questions, all of which are to be answered in 1 hour for 40 marks. 

PAPER 2: will consist of two sections: Sections A and B. Candidates will be required to answer five questions in all.

  • Section A: will consist of four essay questions. Candidates will be required to answer any three in 1 hour for 30 marks.
  • Section B: will be a test of practical work. It shall consist of two compulsory essay questions to be answered in 1 hour for 40 marks.

WAEC Data Processing syllabus

The PDF version of this WAEC syllabus for Data Processing is available for your free download at the bottom of this library.


1. History of Computers 

  • Computing devices.
  • Concept of Number system in computing. 
  • Generations of Computer: first, second, third, fourth, fifth generations of computer.

2. Data and Information 

  • Definition of data and information. 
  • Types of Data. 
  • Ways of handling Data. 
  • Definition of Data. 
  • Digitalization.


3. Classification of Computers 

  • Classify computers by: 
    • Type, 
    • Size, 
    • Usage.

4. Application of ICT in everyday life 

  • Uses of ICT in everyday activities. 
  • Impact of ICT in the society.

5. Components of Computers 

  • Input Devices. 
  • Output Devices. 
  • System Unit. 
  • Storage Devices


6. The art of Information processing 

  • Definition of Information Processing. 
  • Steps involved in Information Processing.


7. Process of Information transmission 

  • Definition of information transmission. 
  • Methods of transmitting information.

8. Medium of Information Transmission 

  • Types of Information Transmission. 
  • Classification of means of transmission.

9. Networking 

  • Meaning of Networking, Internet and Intranet. 
  • Types of Networking.

10. Internet 

  • Definition of Internet.
  • Benefits of internet 
  • Internet browsers 
  • Internet security 
  • Abuse of the Internet


11. Operating System 

  • Definition of Operating System. 
  • Types of Operating System. 
  • Examples of Operating System. 
  • Functions of Operating System.

12. Word Processing 

  • Definition of Word Processing. 
  • Uses of Word Processing 
  • Examples of word Processing software. 
  • Starting, loading and exiting word processing 
  • Creating, saving and retrieving documents

13. Spreadsheet

  • Definition.
  • Uses. 
  • Examples of Spreadsheet Applications. 
  • Loading and exiting spreadsheets. 
  • Creating, saving and retrieving Spreadsheet files.

14. Database Management System 

  • Definition.
  • Uses. 
  • Examples of Database Applications. 
  • Loading and exiting DBMS. 
  • Creating, saving and retrieving database files.

15. Presentation Package 

  • Definition, uses, examples. 
  • Loading and exiting Presentation programs. 
  • Creating, saving and retrieving presentation files.

16. Web Design Packages 

  • Definition.
  • Uses. 
  • Components. 
  • Examples.

17. Graphic Packages 

  • Definition.
  • Uses of Graphic software packages. 
  • Examples of graphic packages.


18. Maintenance of Computer 

  • General Cleaning. 
  • Battery Charging and replacement for portable systems and UPS. 
  • DVD drive lens cleaning.
  • Details of Hardware maintenance. 
  • Details of Software maintenance. 
  • Computer crash and data recovery.

19. Computer Ethics

  • Computer room management ethics. 
  • Laboratory rules and regulations.

20. Safety Measures

  • The sitting arrangement.
  • Positioning of the monitor, keyboard, CPU, mouse and any other peripheral devices. 
  • Illuminating the computer room. 
  • Maintaining a dust free environment. 
  • Keep liquid away from the computer room.

21. Career opportunities in Data Processing 

  • Professions in computer.
  • Qualities of a good data processing professional. 
  • Computer professional bodies.

22. Computer Virus 

  • Definition.
  • Types / Examples. 
  • Sources. 
  • Signals of virus warning 
  • Virus prevention, detection and deletion.


23. Relational Model 

  • Database and table creation using application packages. 
  • Creating relationships between tables 
  • Creation of forms, queries and report.

25. Database Security 

  • Concept of data security, access control and data encryption. 
  • Role of a database administrator.

26. Parallel and Distributed databases 

  • Basic concept of parallel and distributed database. 
  • Storing data in a distributed database (DBM)

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