Practice Questions on Question Tags

Have you taken our free English lesson on the rules of question tags and would like to test yourself?

In this test,

You will see and practice real past questions on question tags from JAMB and WAEC.

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Take note.

INSTRUCTION: fill each gap with the most appropriate option from the list provided.

1. He does not seem to know how to solve the problem, _______?

  • A. does not he
  • B. does he not
  • C. does he
  • D. doesn’t he

2. He wrote to you, _____?

  • A. hadn’t he
  • B. wouldn’t he
  • C. hasn’t he
  • D. didn’t he

3. Students will blame their teachers when examination results are unfavourable, _______?

  • A. won’t they?
  • B. wouldn’t they?
  • C. isn’t it?
  • D. can’t they?

4. You live in the city now, _____?

  • A. are you
  • B. don’t you
  • C. didn’t you
  • D. haven’t you

5. It’s clear to me that you won’t visit Okoro this holiday, will you?

  • A. Yes, I won’t.
  • B. Yes, I will visit.
  • C. No, I won’t.
  • D. No, I will not visit.

Check your answers

Comment below with the options you chose for each question and a staff or fellow ACADite will confirm if your answers are correct.

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