195 Likely Questions from The Life Changer Novel (+PDF)

Would you like to see The Life Changer questions and answers that may be asked in your JAMB English questions?

In this Test,

You will see all the likely questions from The Life Changer novel and download the free PDF version of The Life Changer questions and answers.

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Take note.

These questions are only “likely” to be asked and not guaranteed. So, do not take them for real questions but for practice purposes only.

The full (195) questions from The Life Changer novel is available for your free download at the bottom of this Test.

The Life Changer questions and answers

INSTRUCTION: There are four options lettered A—D after each question. Comment with the correct option as your answer.

1. Omar was offered admission into which of these schools?

  • A. Ahmadu Bello University
  • B. University of Lagos
  • C. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University
  • D. University of Ibadan

2. _____ was Ummi’s Matric Number.

  • A. UG001
  • B. UG01
  • C. UG0001
  • D. UG00001

3. What was Salma’s full name?

  • A. Salma Abubakar
  • B. Salma Johnson
  • C. Salma Ahmad
  • D. Salma Mohammed

4. Mallam Salihu was the ___

  • A. the French mistress
  • B. the Social Studies teacher
  • C. Bint’s mother
  • D. Bint’s father

5. The full meaning of “EMAL” is _____

  • A. Email
  • B. Exam Malfunction
  • C. Exam Malpractice
  • D. Exam Mail

6. Who was the leader of the gambling group?

  • A. Hakimi
  • B. Gumuzu
  • C. Kartagi
  • D. Zaki

7. “IPO” stands for _____

  • A. Independent Police Officer
  • B. International Police Officer
  • C. Investigating Police Officer
  • D. Important Police Officer

8. Who were the Muslims in Salma’s room?

  • A. Tomiwa and Ada
  • B. Salma only
  • C. Tomiwa only
  • D. Salma and Tomiwa

9. Habib was a ____ while Labaran was his _____

  • A. driver, politician
  • B. politician, driver
  • C. lecturer, student
  • D. student, lecturer

10. Omar mother was a/an _____

  • A. Lawyer
  • B. Accountant
  • C. Teacher
  • D. Pharmacist

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