Multiplication Of Fractions

Are you finding the multiplication of fractions hard to solve in your Mathematics exam questions?

In this lesson,

You will see and learn the step-by-step method for solving the multiplication of fractions in any Mathematical question.

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Take note.

A link for you to practice past exam questions on fraction is included at the end of this lesson.

Question on multiplication of fraction

Let’s take an example.


Simplify \frac{8}{10} × 1\frac{1}{14}

1. Convert any mixed to improper fraction




2. Replace the mixed fraction

\dfrac{8}{10} × \dfrac{15}{14}

3. Numerator multiply numerator

8 × 15

= 120

4. Write the answer as your new numerator


5. Denominator multiply denominator

10 × 14

= 140

6. Write the answer as your new denominator


7. Reduce to its lowest form



= \dfrac{6}{7}

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Test yourself

Click on the link below to practice exam past questions on fraction now.


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