Welcome to ACADite Nigeria Library.

In this guide,

You will see how to successfully locate and download any academic material (PDF) that you want from this our Library.

  • Locate the PDF you want.
  • Click on ADD TO MY BAG
  • Proceed to CHECKOUT.
  • Input the required details.
  • Complete your download.

That’s all.

Now, let me answer some frequently asked questions that you may also have.

Locating PDF

Visit our main Library page, check our post about the PDF or just use the search box.

Are the PDF for free?

All our past questions, syllabus, summary, textbook and more are FREE OF CHARGE for your unlimited download.

We only charge for explanation.

How do I get my PDF?

If the PDF is free – Click on DOWNLOAD NOW, fill in the required details (if you’re not logged in) and the PDF will automatically be downloaded to your phone.

For the PDF explanation, the download link will be displayed on your screen and also sent to your email after completing your purchase.

How fast will I get the PDF?


Delivery is automatic.

Paid explanation

I need the explanation. How do I pay?

  1. Locate the PDF explanation you want.
  2. Click on ADD TO BAG.
  3. Proceed to CHECKOUT.
  5. Select PAY WITH CARD.
  6. Fill in the required details.
  7. Click on DOWNLOAD.

What if I don’t have an ATM or prefer not to use it?

  1. Follow the steps 1–4 above.
  2. Then instead of paying with card, select PAY VIA BANK to make payment directly through your bank.
  3. Fill in the required details.
  4. Click on DOWNLOAD.

You can also get your PDF explanation without having an ATM or bank account.

  1. Calculate the price of the PDF explanation you want.
  2. Go to your nearest Paga or Bank and deposit the PDF price into the account below:
    • 0706770450
  3. After your deposit, see how to Contact Us Here… and you will get your PDF immediately after we confirm your payment.

Can I pay with my ACADite Point (₳P)?

Of course.

After locating the PDF explanation you want, proceed to checkout and instead of paying with card or transfer, select PAY WITH POINTS and start your download.

Do I need points to download the Free PDF?

Absolutely not.

All our free PDF require no point or payment whatsoever.


How do I view the PDF I just downloaded?

After downloading it, the PDF should automatically open for you to view it on your phone.

You can also go to the File Manager on your phone and check for the PDF under DOWNLOAD.

Can I re-download PDF that I have downloaded before?

Yes, you can.

Go to your bookshelf to see all the PDF that you have downloaded before…and click on any of them to download it again.

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