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MUS 001 — Basic Theory of Music

1. Meaning of Music

  • Definition of music
  • Properties of musical sounds

2. The Staff

  • The clefs — treble, alto, tenor and bass clefs
  • Music alphabets
  • Arrangement of music alphabets on the lines and spaces on the staff

3. Musical Notes and Rests

  • Musical notes and its equivalence
  • Dotted notes and its equivalent rest
  • Duration of the notes and its placement on the stave

4. Accidentals in Music

  • Definitions and concepts of the sharp, flat, double sharp, double flat and the natural signs in music

5. Diatonic Scale

  • Major scale
  • Minor scale
  • Chromatic scale
  • Technical names of musical notes

6. Time Signature

  • Simple time and compound time

7. Chords, Triads and Intervals

  • Major, minor, augmented and diminished triads
  • Major, minor, augmented and diminished intervals

8. Terms and Abbreviations

  • Musical terms, signs and abbreviations

MUS 002 — Basic Musicianship

1. Intervals

  • Notation of basic intervals
  • Triads (major and minor) on the staff

2. Melody

  • Aural drills on melody

3. Harmony

  • Aural drills on harmony

4. Rhythm

  • Aural drills on rhythm

5. Sight Reading

  • Basic technique of reading scores through simple rhythms and musical notations

6. Keyboard Harmony

  • Simple keyboard drills using harmonic: language learnt from MUS 001

7. Music Practice I (Applied Music: Western)

  • Drills in basic techniques of the piano, voice or any other western instrument
  • Technical exercises including scales and arpeggios on the chosen instrument or the voice
  • Selected pieces from the set books to be determined by the JUPEB examination board

MUS 003 — A Survey of African Music

1. Definition and Characteristics of African Music

  • Introduction to African music
  • Definition of African music and its relationship to folk music
  • Characteristics of African music
  • Elements of the music
  • Introduction to traditional music ‘festivals and ceremony’

2. A Survey of the Roles and Functions of Music among the People of Africa

  • The roles and functions of music in Africa
  • Styles of music used for different events and occasions
  • Music in festivals and religious ceremonies

3. Vocal Forms in Africa

  • Call and response
    • Anitphony
    • Declaration
    • Strophic
    • Cantor and chorus
    • Complementary duet, etc.

4. The Function of Dance in the African Society

  • Introduction to African dance
  • Elements used within the dance such as style, choreography, rhythm, movement, etc.
  • Relationship between music and dance
  • Dance using basic movement and rhythm
  • Dance in festivals
  • Functions of dance in African society

5. Theory of African Music

  • The concept of scale, melody, harmony and rhythm in African music
  • Types of scale in African music

6. Popular Music in Africa

  • Definition of African popular music
  • Types of popular music genre in Africa
  • Exponent of popular music in Africa

7. Art Music in Africa

  • Definition of African art music
  • Exponent of art music in Nigeria
    • Laz Ekwueme
    • Ayo Bankole
    • Fela Sowande
    • Adams Fiberisima
    • Port Harcourt Whyte
    • Akin Euba
    • Joshua Uzoigwe
    • Nketia
    • Maki Nzewi

8. African Musical Instruments

  • Classification of African musical instruments
  • Functions of African musical instruments

9. Music Practice II (African Instruments Ensemble)

  • Drills in basic techniques of the use of various instruments ensemble from Africa

MUS 004 — Music Appreciation

1. Definition of music as an art and science

  • Definition of music
  • Music as an art and science
  • Music and culture

2. Sound

  • Definition of sound and its properties
  • Elements of music

3. Listening

  • The art of listening
  • Types of listening
  • Basic listening skills

4. The Basic Structure and Shapes of Music

  • Forms in music
    • Binary form
    • Ternary form
    • Variation form
    • Strophic form
    • Sonata form
    • Imitative form
    • Composite form, etc.

5. Names of Era and Composers of Western Classical Music

  • Music in antiquity
  • Middle ages
  • Renaissance period
  • Baroque period
  • Classical period
  • Romantic period
  • 20th century period
  • Application of musical elements in the work of each period

6. Popular Music in Africa and Other Culture of the World

  • Popular music in Africa
    • Juju
    • Highlife
    • Ikokiriwkwo
    • Swange
    • Afrobeat
  • Popular music of other World cultures
    • Reggae
    • Calypso
    • Rhumba
    • Jazz, etc.

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