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HST 001 — African History I

1. Ancient Sudanese Empires

  • Ancient Ghana Empire
    • Origin, evolution and fall
  • Ancient Mali Empire
    • Origin, evolution and fall
  • Central Sudanese State
    • Kano and Kanem Borno states

2. East and Central Africa

  • Omani Arabs in East African
    • The reign of Sayyid Said
  • Buganda
    • Buganda in the 19th century

3. Southern Africa

  • The Bantu migration and settlement
    • Tradition and origin of the migrants
    • Description of the Bantu migration and settlement
    • Reasons for the Bantu migration
    • Effects of the Bantu migration
  • The rise of Shaka and Mfecane
    • The rise of shaka
    • The Mfecane

4. North Africa and the Nile since 19th Century

  • Indigenous people of North Africa
    • Berber and their settlement in North Africa
  • Islamisation and Arabisation of North Africa
    • Arab conquest of North Africa
  • The French occupation of Egypt
    • Factors responsible for the French invasion of Egypt
    • The impact of French invasion and occupation of Egypt

HST 002 — African History II

1. West Africa under Colonial Rule

  • Types of colonial administrative system in Africa
    • Indirect rule, assimilation/association and paternalism
  • Indirect rule in Nigeria
    • Indirect rule in Northern Nigeria, in South Western Nigeria and South Eastern Nigeria
  • Assimilation and association policies in Senegal
    • Assimilation in the four communes of Dakar, Goree, Rufisque and Saint Louis
    • Association

2. East and Central Africa under Colonial Rule

  • British rule in East Africa
    • British East African protectorate
    • Emergency of Kenya as settler colony
  • Decolonisation process in East Africa
    • Emergence of Kikuyu movement and Mau Mau uprising
    • The role of Jomo Kenyatta in the Nationalist struggle

3. North Africa under Colonial Rule

  • Establishment of colonial rule in North Africa
    • French occupation of Algeria in 1830
    • Emergence of resistance
    • Algerian War of independence (1954 -1962)

4a. South Africa: From Colonisation to the Post-Apartheid Era

  • Colonial rule in South Africa
    • The establishment of the Union of South Africa in 1910
    • Emergence of African resistance
    • Emergence of apartheid policy in 1948
    • African resistance to apartheid
    • Incarceration of Nelson Mandela
    • Majority rule since 1994

4b. Independent Africa: From the OAU to the AU

  • The OAU/AU
    • The formation of the OAU and the transformation to AU

HST 003 — World History I

1. Ancient World Civilization

  • Ancient Egypt
    • Egypt and its contributions to the ancient civilization
  • Mesopotamia
    • Sumerian and Babylonian civilization

2. Age of Exploration/Voyages of Exploration

  • Prince Henry the Navigator
    • His role in promoting exploration
    • Other factors that aided the voyages of exploration
  • Christopher Columbus
    • The discovery of the new world

3. Expansion and Globalisation of the World

  • The trans-atlantic slave trade
    • The Triangular trade and its consequences
    • The abolition of slave trade

4. The New World: USA and the American Revolution

  • The American revolution/War of independence and its aftermath
    • Factors that led to the revolution
  • American civil war
    • The causes of the civil war

HST 004 — World History II

1. Industrial Revolution

  • Industrial Revolution in Britain
    • Factors that aided industrial revolution
  • Impact of industrial revolution on British society

2. War and Diplomacy in Europe 1648-1815

  • The evolution of modern state system
    • The 30 years war and the Treaty of Westphalia of 1648
  • The French revolution of 1789
    • Causes of the French revolution

3. War and Diplomacy in Europe 1815-1914

  • Vienna Congress of 1815
    • Reasons for the congress of Vienna and its aftermath
    • Resolutions of the Congress
    • Limitations and weaknesses of the resolution of the Congress
  • Unification of Germany
    • Factors that aided the unification of Germany
  • World War I
    • Reasons for World War I

4. The Inter-War Years 1918-1945

  • The Versailles Peace Treaty of 1919
    • Provisions of the Treaty
  • The League of Nations
    • Reasons for the establishment of the League of Nations
    • Successes and failures
  • World War II and the formation of the UNO
    • Causes of the war
    • Effects of the war

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