JAMB Syllabus For All Subjects 2022 (+PDF)

Are you looking for the current JAMB syllabus of recommended topics where all your JAMB exam questions will be asked from?

In this Library,

You will see and download the official and current JAMB syllabus for all subjects in your JAMB this year.

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Take note.

JAMB syllabus is one of the official documents in the disc given to you after your JAMB registration.

The syllabus for each subject contains an official list of topics recommended by JAMB for you to study on that subject.

Is JAMB 2022 syllabus out?

The answer is YES.

JAMB 2022 syllabus for all subject is out for you to see or download and start studying.

The topics in each subject syllabus are ALWAYS repeated every year with only a few changes in the recommended literature and text books.

See JAMB syllabus for all subjects PDF

Click on your subject below to see the current JAMB syllabus for that subject also available in PDF for your free download.

General subjects

Science subjects

Arts subjects

Commercial subjects

SOURCEJAMB official website.


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4 responses to “JAMB Syllabus For All Subjects 2022 (+PDF)”

  1. Favy Stan avatar
    Favy Stan

    I need crs syllabus

  2. Etebom ubong avatar
    Etebom ubong

    Thank you for the job so far…please can we have the syllabus for MUSIC

  3. Henry Elechi avatar
    Henry Elechi

    Can we change subject combination after registration

    1. Toppers Staff avatar

      Hi, Henry.

      I do know someone that changed hers but it was around when the registration just started.

      Check with the centre where you registered and confirm from the person in-charge if it’s still possible.

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