Location of JAMB Office In Abia State

Would you like to know how to reach the JAMB office located in Abia State?

In this guide,

You will see the full address and current location of JAMB office in Abia State and how to locate it easily.

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Take note.

Follow addresses from behind (i.e) start with the last place in the address and move up to the first.

EXAMPLE: “13, Samson Street, ACADite Community, Badagry, Lagos State.”

  1. Be in Lagos State.
  2. Find your way to Badagry.
  3. Locate ACADite Community.
  4. Enter Samson Street.
  5. Ask for the house number 13.

See JAMB office in Abia State with contact details

This JAMB office located in Abia State opens from 8.00AM – 4.00PM daily, except on weekends and public holidays.


Source: JAMB website

Follow the address from behind and if you still need help finding this JAMB office located in Abia, call or email their contact details listed above for further directions.


Do you have something to ask on this JAMB office in Abia State? Comment below and a staff or fellow ACADite will reply you.

5 thoughts on “Location of JAMB Office In Abia State”

  1. please when I went for regularization I was told details on my NIN doesn’t match my jamb profile. I have done the change of name now in NIN but when I regenerate the profile it still beings out the old details. what do I do.

  2. Ezeribe faithful

    Please ma/sir
    I’m seeing a congratulations message on my admission status, but if i check my dashboard it has not been approved by school and state.
    What could be the problem?

  3. Good morning, Sir/Ma.
    Please, I started processing my Jamb Regularization form since last year ( 30th | 07| 2021), Due to the delay from my Institution ( Covenant Polytechnic Aba now at Owerrinta) They were able to upload my Indemnity form on 26th Sep 2022.

    At this time, I was also checking on the portal on the progress. On 1st November 2022 that I checked it was showed that it has been uploaded at the state office and I also checked so days after when I noticed that it has been uploaded by the state office. Yesterday, 14th November 2022 I had to check again to know if it has gotten to the Final approval at the HQ that was when I noticed that the previous upload from the state office is no longer there.

    Please, I am sending this mail to know what could be the problem. I couldn’t sleep last night knowing about this and it’s really getting to me. I’m pleading if I can get a response to know what might have happened and a way forward to it.

    1. Hello Chikwado,
      Really sorry about that.

      Since it happened recently, it may be an issue from JAMB. So, give a few more days and check again if the upload document will reappear.

      If it doesn’t, go back to the State office and complain.

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