How To Study JAMB Past Questions Effectively

Would you like to know how to use JAMB past questions to prepare better for your JAMB this year?

In this guide,

You will see our expert…on how to study JAMB past questions, which year to start from and where to download Free JAMB past questions on all your subjects.

DOWNLOAD: Free JAMB Past Questions For All Subjects PDF

Take note.

Many JAMB questions are repetition of previous years and only through studying JAMB past questions will you see these repeated questions which may appear in your JAMB this year.

But you must know how to use JAMB past questions effectively to uncover these repetitions and many other secret tips it holds.

See how to study JAMB past questions

We want to believe that by now you already have JAMB past questions and answers for your four subjects.

Hard copies are better but you can download JAMB past questions PDF soft copies too.

Now, let’s begin…

1. Get your JAMB subject syllabus

JAMB syllabus is an official document that contains all the topics that JAMB will ask their questions on in a particular subject.

This syllabus is our first guide on how to study JAMB past questions because it will help you to focus on questions under the topic(s) that JAMB will repeat this year.

Download your JAMB subject syllabus, master the topics in it so that as you study past questions on that subject you can focus more on questions under the topics in the syllabus.

2. Have your JAMB subject textbook(s)

Every year, JAMB recommends a list of textbooks for you to study on each of your subjects.

But why do you even need textbooks to study JAMB past questions?

This is because there will always be some answers that are incorrect or need further clarification while studying.

When this happens, textbooks are your best option in confirming such answers.

Go through the list of JAMB recommended textbooks for your subjects and see if you already have one.

If not, at least get any good textbook on those subjects and keep them near you while studying JAMB past questions.

3. Choose your study style

You can either study JAMB past questions on a particular topic in different years or you attempt all the questions on different topics in a particular year.

Your choice depends on how you wish to prepare for that subject in JAMB.

For example.

If you are struggling with a topic, we advise you to first get tutorial on that topic and then attempt only JAMB past questions on that particular topic to keep you focused and speed up your improvement.

But if you are good at 60–70 percent of the topics in that JAMB subject syllabus, then study JAMB past questions by year.

4. Which year should I start from?

Start studying your JAMB past questions from the latest year available.

This will expose you to any new format of questions that JAMB has introduced and also help you observe repeated questions that you will later see in other years.

Once you are done practicing the latest year of JAMB questions, count 10 years back and pick 5 random years of questions.

For example.

Ten years back from 2020 is 2011. Pick five random years of JAMB past questions from 2011–2020 and continue your intensive study.

We recommend this strategy because JAMB often repeat past questions from 10+ years ago.

So when you pick 5 years within that 10 to study, chances are that many of those questions will be asked again this year but may be in different format.

5. Confirm your answers

This is the most important part on how to study JAMB past questions because without confirming that your answers are correct during practice, how can you be sure they are correct during your JAMB exam?

Once you are done answering the questions, check the same past questions for the correct answer to each number.

But take note,

Some of the answers in JAMB past questions are either incorrect or need further clarification — which is where your textbook comes in.

For every answer you missed, go through that topic in your textbook and confirm what the correct answer really is.


Our best teachers have gone through these textbooks for you and have included detailed explanation to each correct answer in your JAMB subject past questions.

Each explanation tells you which answer is really correct and why it is correct.

It also shows you how it was gotten so when you meet similar question in your JAMB exam, you can correctly answer it on your own with confidence.

How can you find these JAMB past questions and answers with explanation?

  1. Click on – JAMB subject past questions PDF.
  2. Select your subject.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of that post to see the past questions with explanation on that subject.


Do you have something to ask on how to study JAMB past questions? Comment below and a staff or fellow ACADite will reply you.

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