19 Excellent Tips To Pass WAEC In One Sitting Without Stress

Will you be registering for WAEC and writing the exam this year? There are ways to pass WAEC 2021 once and for all.

In this Library…

You will see how to pass WAEC in one sitting with excellent tips for scoring high in your WAEC objective, theory and practical this year.

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Take note.

Getting the acceptable grade or pass mark for WAEC in all your required subjects at once is what it means to pass WAEC in one sitting.

Pass mark for WAEC

75–100A1Most acceptable
70–74B2More acceptable
65–69B3More acceptable
60–64C4Still acceptable
55–59C5Still acceptable
50–54C6Still acceptable
45–49D7Rarely acceptable
40–44E8Rarely acceptable
0–43F9NOT acceptable

But how can you score high enough to get only the acceptable pass mark for WAEC in each of your subjects?

How to pass WAEC in one sitting

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General WAEC Preparation

1. Start reading now

Whether you are in SS1, 2 or 3, If you haven’t started preparing for your WAEC… start now.

Here’s why.

WAEC covers so many topics for each subject and the fact that you’d be sitting for (9) WAEC subjects is a strong reason to start reading for the exam as early as possible.

The earlier you start reading, the more topics you’d cover.

And the more topics you cover on each subject, the higher you will score in those subject.

2. Read according to the syllabus

It is good to cover more topics on each subject but it’s even better if you covered more “WAEC recommended” topics for your exam.

This is because the WAEC questions for each of your subject will come from the topics in the syllabus for that subject.

So you don’t need to read all the topics from your SS1–3.


Read only those recommended topics in the WAEC syllabus for your subjects.

Other topics are a waste of time — they won’t come out.

3. Read with the recommended textbooks

Along with the recommended topics, WAEC also suggest textbooks with good explanations on those topics as well.

Take note.

These textbooks are not compulsory to have but they are recommended.

And you only need to have just one (or two) of the WAEC recommended textbooks for your subjects, and not all of them.

4. Study past questions

For an Exam Council that has been setting questions on the same subjects since 1952 till date…

Don’t you also think that by now they must have run out of new questions to ask?

The truth is that.

Over 70 percent of the next WAEC questions have been asked in previous WAEC.

Which means that for every 50 objective questions, 35 have been asked before. And for every 10 theory or practical questions, 7 are repetitions.

But how can you predict the past questions that will be repeated in WAEC this year?

We found that the most repeated questions in WAEC are often within 10 years interval.

So here’s what you do…

  1. Get WAEC past questions.
  2. Pick five random years from 1988-1998
  3. Another five from 1998-2008
  4. One last five from 2008-2018

Study these 15 different years of WAEC past questions and you’d even begin to see the repeated questions yourself and also understand their pattern.

The more WAEC past questions you study, the more likely you’d see repeated questions in your WAEC.

And the more repeated questions you see in your WAEC, the higher you will score because they will be questions you have practiced before.

5. Prioritize core subjects

“Core subjects” are those compulsory subjects for your class or course.

And to “prioritize” means to make something more important than others.

So to prioritize core subjects is, therefore, to devote more time to the reading of your compulsory subjects.

For example.

English and Mathematics are the most compulsory for all WAEC candidates.

This means that you have to prioritize your reading of English and Mathematics because failing any of them will render that WAEC result useless — no matter what you scored in other subjects.

6. Forget about Expo

You will likely get some WAEC expo from your school or teachers but it is not smart to depend totally on it.

Here’s one reason why.

What will you do when an incorruptible invigilator comes on the day of your core subject and refuses to take any bribe?

To be on the safe side, expect expo but prepare like there won’t be any.

Read enough to do AT LEAST 60 percent of that WAEC subject paper on your own — which will get you a B (or at least C) that you can proudly defend.

7. Start with questions you know

Limited time is always allocated to each of your WAEC subject paper.

So you’d need to be fast in answering all the required questions and the best way to do that is to start with the questions you know.

You will surely encounter some tough questions — but what’s the point of wasting time on a question you don’t know when there are many other questions that you know but are yet to be answered?

If you just started the paper (which means that there is still time), skip those tough questions and return to them after you have finished with all the questions that you know.

But remember to return to those tough questions when you are done with others.

How to pass WAEC 2021 objective

All your WAEC subjects will each have an objective paper of about 50 questions with options lettered A – D.

And performing well in the objective papers of your subjects will improve your chances of scoring a A (or at least B) in that particular subject.

8. Answer all questions

The instruction in all WAEC objective papers is to “Answer all questions” and make sure you do just that.

Do NOT leave the 50 objective questions unanswered.

Even when you don’t know the answer, just pick any of the options at random because it is better to guess the answer than to leave it blank.

A guess might luckily be correct but a blank can never be.

9. Shade clearly

You’d be given an OMR sheet to shade the appropriate boxes to show your WAEC exam details and your answers to the objective questions.

Be sure that all your shadings are dark enough to be seen without stress.

How will this help you pass WAEC in one sitting?


What’s worse than choosing a truly correct answer only for the computer to fail it because it thought you didn’t choose any answer?

OMR sheets are often marked by computers that are programmed to recognize only dark shades.

So when you shade faintly, the computer will assume that you didn’t shade any answer for that box.

  • If this error happened in the exam detail boxes, the result for that subject might be withheld.
  • And if it happened in the answer boxes, no mark will be awarded for that particular question.

So to prevent such computer error from withholding your result or reducing your total objective score for that WAEC subject, shade clearly.

Use pencils that give darker shades on paper. HB’s are recommended.

How to pass WAEC 2021 theory

All your WAEC subjects will also have their theory paper but the questions will be around 5 to 15 with NO OPTIONS.

Performing well here too will boost your scores to help you pass WAEC in one sitting with good grades in that particular subject.

10. Read the instructions

Unlike your objective papers, WAEC theory questions are not for you to answer all.

In fact

Some of its sections here are not for you to answer AT ALL.

Whichever it is, the instructions are always stated under each section of your WAEC theory paper.

Be sure to read and follow them to the letter.

11. Only answer questions for your country

Aside Nigeria, other West African Countries (Ghana, Sierra Leone, Liberia and The Gambia) also participate in WAEC.

And some section(s) in your theory paper might be for only candidates in any of those other countries.

This will be stated in the instructions.

Be sure you only answer questions under the section for your country because other countries’ questions will earn you Zero marks.

12. Don’t forget compulsory questions

Under the section for your country, there will be further instructions on how many questions to answer and which one(s) is/are compulsory.

Compulsory questions carry the HIGHEST marks so don’t ignore compulsory questions if you want to pass WAEC in one sitting with strong grades.

And also…

Make sure you answer the required number of questions – Not More. Not Less.

Answering more than the required questions will not earn you any extra mark and you already know what answering less than required would do… or don’t you?

13. Choose your questions wisely

In those sections where you’d be required to answer some number of questions, only choose to answer those questions that you AT LEAST know more than half of all its “children”.

And by children, I mean

Question 3. 

  • 3 (a) 
    • (i)
    • (ii)
    • (iii)
  • (b)        (i)
    • (ii)
    • (iii)
    • (iv)
    • (v)
  • (c) 

Hope you now understand?

But how will this help you pass WAEC in one sitting?


Aside compulsory questions, all other questions often carry equal marks which are shared among its subquestions or “children”.

So when you choose to answer a question that you know more of its subquestions, you are likely to score the full marks for that particular question.

And the more full marks you score, the closer you get to an A1 (or at least B2) in that subject.

14. Write legibly

While WAEC objective papers will have options, theory papers won’t.

So you’d be required to write out your exam details and all your answers to the theory questions on an answer booklet that will be given to you.

Whatever you write must be legible (i.e. easy to see) because a human being will be marking your theory papers — don’t make your answers hard for them to see, or else…

“But my handwriting is ugly, how can I make it legible?”

Simple. Make it BIG.

Because no matter how bad or ugly your handwriting is, it will be more legible with size.

Correct answers + Legible writing = FULL mark.

15. Understand theory terms

When your WAEC theory question says:

  • List
  • Enumerate
  • Mention
  • Outline
  • State

You are to just write out your answers in a list format like;

And that’s all. No further detail is required.

But when it says:

  • Discuss
  • Explain
  • Show

You are to first list out your answers and then proceed to give further details on each of your listed answers.

And how exactly will this help you pass WAEC in one sitting?

When an examiner sees a list question, they expect you to list only. And if you do otherwise, you might be penalized with mark deduction.

But when you follow instructions, they’d love you for it and award you your fully deserved marks.

How to pass WAEC 2021 practical

16. Your teachers are important

Especially for WAEC practicals…

Subject teachers always get direct information from WAEC through the principal on what to set up for their subject(s) practical.

Though they might not share all of the information with you but they will drop helpful hints.

So if you are not close to your practical subject teacher, at least be close to someone who is close to them.

Just have a link to them. Maybe through your class captain, his assistant, your other classmate or even another subject teacher.

Because just one information can save your performance.

17. Pay attention to your exam centre

Stay abreast of every information in your WAEC exam centre.

If you hear that your centre has been asked to get cockroach and carpet grass for Biology practical, this should tell you that the practical will be about the above items.

Likewise if your school is setting up tripod stands, beakers, Bunsen burners — you should know what that means for Chemistry… etc.

Once you get this idea, start reading intensively on the topics that those specimen or apparatus represent.

18. Draw to the standard

You are likely to be asked to draw one thing or the other in your WAEC practical paper.

And whether you can draw or not, there are tips to make your drawing attract good marks.

  1. Do NOT shade.
  2. Use a dark pencil.
  3. Draw to the given scale. And if none is given, draw BIG.
  4. Label to ONLY one side of your paper.
  5. Use pencil throughout and NO Biro.
  6. Write the title of your diagram in capital letters at the bottom of the diagram.
  7. Erase neatly.

19. Pray. Pray. Pray.

Once upon a time.

An angry examiner drew two big question marks (??) which meant 0 on the answer sheet of a WAEC candidate.

But when the result uploader saw it, he thought the two big question marks were (77) and that was how that candidate, instead of F9, had an A1 in that paper.

It is one thing to sit for WAEC and another thing to pass WAEC in one sitting.

There are some factors that you cannot control, especially after submitting your answer sheet.

It is these unknown factors that you should hand over to your God in prayers. But remember: “Heaven helps those who first help themselves.”


After every paper…

Always crosscheck your answers before submitting to catch mistakes and correct them.

Keep in touch with your teachers, class captain or classmates so as to not miss any impromptu updates like a change in WAEC timetable.


Reading with fellow WAEC candidates can be fun and will also expose you to some key points that you might not have read.

So find a reading partner or join our Facebook Study Group today and meet fellow WAEC Toppers online.


Do you have something to ask on these ways to pass WAEC in one sitting? Comment below and a staff or fellow ACADite will reply you.

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