How To Get JAMB Profile Code 2022 and Solution To Error Message

Do you have problems getting your JAMB profile code or you want to know the correct steps involved?

In this guide,

You will see how to get JAMB profile code successfully with NIN through SMS and the solution to all the error message reply from JAMB.

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Take note.

JAMB profile code generation is the very first step in your registration.

And you need all these requirements below to successfully apply for and get your JAMB profile code this year.

Requirements for your JAMB profile code

Here are what you’d need to get your JAMB profile code 2021

A phone

Any phone would do.

It does not matter whether it’s a smartphone or torchlight phone, as long as the phone can send text message.

And you don’t have to be the owner of the phone. Ask your Dad, Mom or sibling to borrow you their phone if you don’t have one.


NIN is the 11-digit number in that final sheet of paper you received after registering for your NIN.

A registered SIM


The SIM card must be your own, registered with your details.

It is these details in your SIM linked with your NIN details that JAMB will use to automatically create your profile and send you the code.

Link NIN to SIM

Make sure that your NIN has been linked to that your SIM card.

Recharge your SIM

The text message you’d send to get your JAMB profile code will cost N50.

So if you have less than 50 Naira on that your SIM card, recharge it before sending the SMS.

How to get JAMB profile code 2022

Type “NIN (space) Your 11-digit NIN” then send it to 55019

For example.

Let’s say your NIN is 01234567890. What you would send to 55019 is :

  • NIN 01234567890

You should receive your JAMB profile code within 24 hours

Solution to the error message from JAMB

Scroll down to the error message you received to see why and how to correct the error.

  1. Surname and/or first name is missing from your NIN details

This means that the owner of that SIM is different from the owner of the NIN that you have sent.

SOLUTION: make sure that you are sending the message to JAMB from your own SIM that has been linked with your own NIN.

  1. Request is being processed

This means that your message has been received and it’s being confirmed before they send you the code.

SOLUTION: wait for at least 24 hours and you’d receive your JAMB profile code. If not, send your details again.

  1. Unable to process your request at the moment

This means that too many candidates are sending their NIN so, no space to attend to your own message at that particular time.

SOLUTION: resend your NIN at midnight (around 12—2) when most candidates are asleep so there will be space for them to attend to you.

  1. This GSM number has already been used by another candidate on E-facility

This means that either you or another person has used that number for JAMB before.

SOLUTION: if it is another person that has used it before, then get another SIM and try again.

But if it was you that used it before, text “RESEND” to 55019 to get back that your last JAMB profile code and proceed with it to buy your ePIN.

  1. Unable to charge your line” or “Insufficient balance

This means that you have less than 50 Naira on that your SIM.

SOLUTION: recharge your SIM card with at least 100 Naira and try again.

  1. Your NIN (***) has already been registered with GSM number (***)

This means that the NIN you sent is linked to another SIM and not linked to the SIM that you sent the message on.

SOLUTION: make sure that you are sending the NIN to JAMB on a SIM card that is linked to that same NIN.

  1. No record found

This means that the NIN has not been linked to that SIM.

SOLUTION: link the NIN to the SIM and try again.

  1. Invalid character found” or “An error has occurred

This means that the format of how you sent you NIN is incorrect.

SOLUTION: type “NIN (leave a space) Your 11-digit NIN” then send it to 55019


Do you have something to ask on how to get JAMB profile code? Comment below and a staff a staff or fellow ACADite will reply you.

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  1. Tajudeen Nana khadijat

    I mistakenly deleted my profile code from my phone,I sent Resend to 55019 and uptill now I haven’t received it.its been weeks now.

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