How To Collect TRCN Certificate in Nigeria (Or Abroad)

Did you write and PASS TRCN EXAM and now would like to know if your certificate is ready and the procedure for your TRCN certificate collection?

In this guide,

You will see the fees, required documents and necessary steps on how to collect TRCN certificate in Nigeria or abroad this year without getting scammed and how to know if your certificate is ready.

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Take note.

You need to have registered for TRCN exam, sat for the exam and PASSED to be eligible for the certificate.

If you have NOT completed the processes listed above, click on the links below to see how to…

Steps on how to collect TRCN certificate in Nigeria

To get your TRCN certificate in Nigeria after sitting for and passing the exam,

You will need to pay a stipulated amount (based on your category) to a Federal Government account and submit your proof of payment to the nearest TRCN office along with other documents via the steps below.

Ensure to confirm that you passed the exam before paying for your TRCN certificate collection because there are NO REFUNDS on this.

1. Make the payment

Go to any bank or cyber café and tell them that you want to pay via Remita for TRCN certificate.

Banks will do it without much questions but cyber café operators may need further guidance.

If they do, tell them to:

  • Visit the Remita Platform.
  • Enter the GIFMIS code (get it from the TRCN officer)
  • Input the amount, your name, phone number and email.
  • Click on SUBMIT.
  • Input their ATM card details.
  • Click on “Make Payment”.
  • Download your receipt.

Do NOT give the cyber café operator (or anyone) your ATM card details because your account may be used to make further online payments without your consent.

Let the operator input their own ATM card details for the payment while you refund them the money either with cash or transfer.

In fact,

If you are tech-savvy, you can use your phone or PC to make the payment online following the same steps above.

2. Visit the TRCN office

Either go back to the office where you registered for the exam (ADVISABLE) or visit any of the TRCN OFFICES NATIONWIDE to submit your proof of payment (teller, receipt) and other required document (school certificate, birth certificate, 2-3 passport photographs).

3. Fill the registration form

After confirming your documents and receipt, the officer will give you another registration form to input your personal details, school information and TRCN category.

Spell and arrange your names correctly because that is what will be printed on your certificate and corrections are almost impossible.

  • FIRST NAME is your common name (could be your English or native name, whichever one you are commonly called).
  • MIDDLE NAME is your least common name (could be your native or English name, whichever one you are barely called).
  • LAST NAME is your surname.

Select the same category you selected during your TRCN REGISTRATION:

  • Category A – if you are a Doctorate degree holder.
  • Category B – if you are a Master’s degree holder.
  • Category C – if you are a Bachelor’s degree or HND holder.
  • Category D – if you are an NCE holder.

Submit the form with your receipt and required documents to successfully complete your registration for TRCN certificate collection.

Your certificate should be ready within a month or two after completing the above steps.

How to know if your TRCN certificate is ready

After completing the above steps, your documents will be sent to the TRCN headquarters in Abuja to process and disburse your certificate – which should take about a month or two.

Once your certificate is ready,

It will be sent back to the TRCN office where you submitted your receipt and that office will then contact you (via call or SMS) once they receive your certificate.

We advise that you exchange numbers with the TRCN officer(s) so that you can also be contacting them as a reminder after a month or two of your payment.


Do you have something to ask about how to get TRCN certificate in Nigeria? Comment below and a staff or fellow ACADite will reply you.

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