16 Best Government Textbooks For WAEC

Are you looking for the best Government textbook that covers all the topics in your WAEC Government syllabus?

In this Library…

You will see and download your official list of the best Government textbooks for WAEC — SSCE and GCE this year.

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Take note.

You only need to have just one (or two) of these textbooks and not all of them.

See the best Government textbooks for WAEC

Download the PDF version of this list at the bottom of this Library.

  • Adu Boahen, A. — Ghana Evolution and Change in the 19th and 20th Centuries.
  • Shillington, K. — Ghana and the Rawlings Factor.
  • Hodgkin, T. — African Political Parties.
  • Garbrah, H. K. — Foreign Policies of Major Countries, Subject Publications, New Delhi.
  • Addae, P. G. — Senior Secondary School Government Bks. 1 & 2.
  • Nofiu, S. O. A. — A–ONE in Government.
  • Echiefu, S. M. — Modern Government.
  • Appadorai, A. — The Substance of Politics.
  • Price, J. H. — Political Institutions in West Africa.
  • Leeds, C. A. — Political Studies.
  • Amoa, G. Y. — Groundwork of Government in West Africa.
  • Dare and Oyewole — A Textbook of Government for Senior Secondary School.
  • Oyediran and Co. — Government for Senior Secondary School.
  • Francis Adigwe — Essentials of Government.
  • Dennis Austin — Politics in Ghana 1946-1960.
  • Prah Isaac — Government for Senior Secondary School.

How to get these WAEC recommended textbooks for Government

  1. Go (with this list) to a bookshop and buy one.
  2. Ask of any from your friends.
  3. Visit your school library and check for any.


These best Government textbooks for WAEC are only recommended and not compulsory.

So you can also use other good Government textbooks that are not on this WAEC recommended list.


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