7 Best Biology Textbooks For JAMB

Are you looking for the best JAMB recommended textbooks for Biology that covers all the topics in your JAMB Biology syllabus?

In this Library…

You will see and download the recommended list of best Biology textbooks for JAMB and how you can get them.

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Take note.

You only need to have just one (or two) of these textbooks and not all of them.

See the best Biology textbooks for JAMB

The PDF version of this list is available for your free download at the bottom of this Library.

  • Ndu, F.O. C. Ndu, Abun A. and Aina J.O. (2001) Senior Secondary School Biology: Books 1 – 3, Lagos: Longman.
  • Odunfa, S.A. (2001) Essential of Biology, Ibadan: Heinemann.
  • Ogunniyi M.B. Adebisi A.A. and Okojie J.A. (2000) Biology for Senior Secondary Schools: Books 1 – 3, Macmillan.
  • Ramalingam, S.T. (2005) Modern Biology, SS Science Series. New Edition, AFP.
  • Stan. (2004) Biology for Senior Secondary Schools. Revised Edition, Ibadan: Heinemann.
  • Stone R.H. and Cozens, A.B.C. (1982) Biology for West African Schools. Longman.
  • Usua, E.J. (1997) Handbook of practical Biology, 2nd Edition, University Press, Limited.

How to get these best JAMB recommended textbooks for Biology

  1. Buy from a nearby bookshop.
  2. Borrow from your friends.
  3. Check your school library.


These best Biology textbooks for JAMB are only recommended and not compulsory.

So you can also use other good Biology textbooks that are not on this JAMB recommended list.


Do you have something to ask on these best Biology textbooks for JAMB? Comment below and a staff or fellow ACADite will reply you.

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