5 Alternative Ways To Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score

Were you unable to score high in JAMB and would like to consider other alternatives for admission?

In this guide,

You will see the ultimate on how to gain admission with low JAMB score this year and Universities that accept low JAMB cut off mark for admission.


Take note.

You do NOT need connection or runz to gain admission with these alternatives because they are legit and follows due process.

How to gain admission with low JAMB score 2022


1. Change your course


You have scored lower than the cut off mark for the course you chose but there is a remedy called JAMB change of course.

Just as the name,

Change of course form allows you to switch from that course you did not meet up with to another course that requires lower mark.

The best part about this alternative is that you can still gain admission to study in your “dream school”.

For example.

Let’s say you have always wanted to attend UNILORIN but could not meet their cut off mark for Medicine and Surgery that you chose,

You can change your course to another one related to Medicine and Surgery but with lower mark and still be admitted into your dream school (UNILORIN).

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Ensure that you have the correct subject combination for that new course and that your low JAMB score actually meets the cut off mark of that new course too.

2. Choose another school

Some schools are very competitive, especially Federal Universities in developed States.

Competitive schools get way too many applicants than they can admit so they increase their JAMB cut off mark to disqualify many.


Other good schools barely get enough applicants and will gladly consider you for admission even with low JAMB score

Get the JAMB change of institution form and switch to less competitive school that require low JAMB score.

Ensure that you have the subject combination for your course in that new school and that you also satisfy their own admission requirements.

3. Go for schools that do Post UTME

Another smart tip on how to gain admission with low JAMB score is in choosing a school that does Post UTME screening test.


Every school has their departmental cut off mark calculated with:

  • O’Level grade
  • JAMB score
  • Post UTME score (if any).

No Post UTME means only your O’Level and that low JAMB score will be calculated which reduces your chances of meeting that departmental cut off mark for your course.

But Post UTME gives you one last chance to score high and support your low JAMB score to meet that cut off mark or even exceed it.

So unless your O’Level is A’s and B’s, avoid schools that do not do Post UTME when your JAMB score is low.

4. Consider catchment areas and ELDs

Catchment areas are States within the region where a particular school is located. ELDs means Educationally Less Developed States.

Out of consideration,

Federal Universities allocate 35% of their admission quota to indigenes of their catchment areas and 20% to ELDs while State Universities favour indigenes of that State the most.

We advise you to apply for Universities within or around your State of Origin to boost your chances of admission with low JAMB score.

This is because indigenes of catchment areas and ELDs enjoy lower departmental cut off mark which your low JAMB score plus O’Level can easily meet.

5. Seek for admission without JAMB


You can gain University admission without JAMB exam.

But you must possess one of Diploma, A’Level, NCE, ND/HND certificates or go through Part-Time or Pre-Degree programme.

Admission without JAMB is called Direct Entry and you’d be admitted straight to 200Level of your course.

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This alternative can be expensive and still requires you to meet the minimum point in their final exam.

Our advice

No.5 is more guaranteed but quite expensive. No.1 & 2 cost a little but not so guaranteed while No.3 & 4 require no fee but are more of luck.

If you can afford over ₦500,000 for the expenses of Direct Entry, go for it. Otherwise, the combination of 3 & 4 plus 1 or 2 can do the trick.


Do you have something to ask on how to gain admission with low JAMB score? Comment below and a staff or fellow ACADite will reply you.

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