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Our inspiration

I wrote GCE (so it was called then) in 2008 while in SS2 and the result was the worst I’ve ever had.

It was so bad that I even failed my favourite subject.

You know that one subject that no matter how difficult its questions were, you are still sure of scoring at least a D or C?

That was BIOLOGY for me but I failed it (like an idiot) in that GCE.

I’d tell you why.

A year later, it was time for another O/level exam which was going to be my last because Mom was starting to run out of money.

After all, she had trusted me to pass that GCE and save her the SS3 expenses.

I hated to disappoint her again – a single mother trading by the roadside to cater for her 3 young sons – I just had to pass this time, and I DID!


Those experiences showed me the 3 main POWERS that determine your success or failure in any exam:

  1. Preparation
  2. Malpractice
  3. Luck

Each of these powers can get you a C or B by itself, and when combined, an A in any exam – the absence of all was why I failed that GCE woefully.

Preparation entails your study habit, often motivated by the environment and available materials.

  • Mom could barely afford past questions, not to talk of textbooks or private lesson…and who knew there was something called syllabus?
  • Mom sometimes afforded expo tokens which were collected per paper but I always refused to pay.
  • …and due to these two reasons, LUCK was far from me.

ACADite Nigeria was born out of that sincere urge to prevent all forms of academic failure by promoting 1&3 only.

We believe that everyone deserves quality education but not everyone has the resources to get it.

We believe that many sincerely wish to get better at some subjects but the teaching, time factor and cost often limit their improvement.

We believe that it is our duty to at least reduce these limitations by bridging the gap.

Our Vision

  1. To simplify online teaching and learning.
  2. To nurture a community willing to assist one another academically.
  3. To contribute to the production of academics who can proudly defend their result anywhere.

Our Mission

To connect you to authentic updates, free materials, and relevant guides essential for your legit academic success.

Our Values

  • Hosting online tutorials in form of text, videos and PDF.
  • Responding with care and kindness to honest academic enquiries.
  • Inspiring enough preparation and confidence to discourage malpractices.

Our Staffroom

Welcome to ACADite Nigeria staff room.

We are a dedicated team of both students and graduates with great passion for inspiring and facilitating “legit” academic success.

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